It is a comprehensive, yet simply written Guide, avoiding jargon, to all areas, treatment, theories, background and day-to-day practical tips covering the entire subject of Autism including Asperger’s. It uncovers its hidden history and includes many famous examples of Autistic and Asperger’s people. It is also full of anecdotes and feelings from the author’s professional and deeply personal experiences as an Autistic himself. This is the easy-to-read, yet deeply inquiring pocket book for anyone affected by, giving care to or diagnosed with an Autism condition, more, than that…..It is not another dry, long, boring academic  drudge, it’s a cracking good read. Being a writer and practitioner specializing in Autism is one thing, only someone who lives it truly knows what it’s like- this isn't academic theory or clinical observation- this is how it lives!

About the author: Dr Ian Charles Ewart Hale
I am from the historic City and County of Bristol, England, a member of British Mensa, the Accademia Costantiniana and a graduate of Portsmouth, Bristol and Bath Spa Universities. My professional background is Further and Higher education, Special Education Needs, organization and genetics.

Being from a family with a history of Autism meant it has always been a part of my “normal” life and brings a radical new voice to its understanding and implication while lending a uniquely powerful and sharply different perspective to assessing and providing a high quality of educational and life experience for affected people, whether children, adults in the workplace or seniors- each group has their own particular viewpoint and needs. Autism is for life-and is seldom understood that way by society.

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A link to the model discussed in the podcast


Barry Kort's biography:

I am a (now retired) Visiting Scientist at the MIT Media Lab in the Affective Computing Research Group . My long-term field of research is the Role of Emotions in Learning . I am currently working on the role of StoryCraft as a traditional method of learning.

I am also a (now retired) volunteer science educator in the Discovery Spaces at the Boston Museum of Science .

My other affiliations include the Institute for Intelligent Systems at the University of Memphis and the School of Communication and Journalism at Utah State University where I assist in the curriculum in Online Journalism .

I was formerly a Visiting Scientist in the Educational Technology Research Group at BBN Systems and Technologies. Additional professional background information can be found here .

Some of my other research interests include puzzlecraft, building online communities, and the functional characteristics of rule-driven systems.

Curriculum Vita:

BSEE With High Distinction, University of Nebraska at Lincoln, 1968

MSEE Stanford University, 1969

Ph.D. Systems Theory, Stanford University, 1976

Distinguished Member of Technical Staff in the Network Planning Division of AT&T Bell Labs 1968-1987

Lead Scientist in the Network Center of MITRE, 1987-1990

Visiting Scientist in Educational Technology Research, BBN Systems and Technologies, 1990-1999

Visiting Scientist in the Affective Computing Research Group at the MIT Media Lab, 1999-2008

Volunteer Science Educator at Boston Museum of Science, 1987-2013

Retired, 2014-Present

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